The 7 steps to choosing the perfect engagement ring


Follow this and you can’t go wrong!

Ok, so you have decided to take the plunge and ask the big question, wow, good luck!

But you can’t rely on luck when it comes to choosing the perfect engagement ring because, let’s face it, you’ve probably never done this sort of thing before!

So much of it comes down to knowing your partner, be prepared to do some research, after all getting the right ring says so much about your love and commitment now, and forever!

But now you can relax, because here are 7 golden rules compiled from the knowledge and advice of the jewellery industry’s finest jewellers and Goldsmiths…

Step 1 – Set a budget

The sky’s the limit and you want the best for your future wife, but take a reality check and make sure you have a maximum figure in mind, it will affect all other decisions. Having said that it’s worth doing a bit of homework to make sure your budget is in line with her expectation! Get a feel for example how much a 0.50ct G VS2 diamond solitaire will cost in Platinum as a benchmark figure(just remember no two diamonds are the same, the price for this example will vary depending on various different factors (see 4C’s & Diamond Certification sections below)). This will give you a better understanding and help you set your budget!


Step 2 – Your partners’ preference

Do some research (in secret) and observe the colour and type of precious metal jewellery your partner prefers to wear. Yellow Gold, darker more vintage gold, White gold, Platinum or Palladium, there’s a lot to choose from but its worth a little bit of detective work to get that “Wow!” when you pop the question.

Step 3 – Your partners’ style

With thousands of unique ring styles to choose from you need to consider your partners preference, profession and general fashion taste. Having determined the metal for the ring consider how traditional or modern she is and remember that the ring will last a lifetime and many changes in fashion. A classic single diamond solitaire, two stone rubover or three stone bar set? You’ll be amazed at the options so think it through first and you have a better chance of finding the right one.


Step 4 – Become a Diamond expert

Whatever your budget you will be confronted with the fascinating and sometimes bewildering world of Diamonds and you need help to get what you pay for and understand the value of your purchase, now and in the future. So here’s what you need to know…



The amount of internal or external imperfections known as inclusions. Diamonds are graded from F (Flawless, which are Rare) to I3 (Inclusions that can be seen face up with the unaided eye)


This is based on the absence of colour, so diamonds having least colour are most rare, the whiter the diamond, the better it is! You just need to get your head around the alphabetic grading that starts from D (being the best & totally colourless) through to Z.


The Cutting Precision of its angles and the proportion determine how the diamond reflects light or “sparkles”. (The Cut does not refer to the stones shape!)In most cases it’s graded from ‘Excellent’ to ‘Poor’.


The weight of the diamond – simple! The biggest diamond in the world, the Cullinan Diamond is over 3,000 carat’s, but don’t worry, the average engagement ring diamond is around 1 carat (or 100 Points).

Understand the Diamond Certification & insist on one, it’s your proof of its quality!

There are many different diamond grading laboratories that will assess and certificate a diamond, but generally the more trusted, recognised bodies are a much better bet as they are stricter, after all its only one persons opinion! Here are some of the more recognised certificates; GIA AGS HRD IGI (The cost of the diamond can be affected by the diamond certificate chosen)

The Cut, Polish & Symmetry are all important factors that are assessed when certifying a diamond and they are individually graded. The grades are as follows; Ideal, Excellent, Very Good, Good & Poor.

Lastly the Florescence, this is often overlooked its grades are as follows; None, Very Slight, Faint/Slight, Medium, Strong & Very Strong. The least amount of fluorescence the better, too much will make the diamond less valuable!


Step 5 – Caveat Emptor!

You need to be sure you are getting good value and have some form of provenance with your ring, diamond or otherwise so always buy from a reputable source. Always buy from a knowledgeable and well established and respected jeweller, they will help you through the process and guarantee the quality and authenticity of your ring.

Step 6 – Take your time

Work out when you plan to bend your knee and where you plan to do it. Work backwards from that point and give yourself plenty of time to do your research, weigh up your options, & satisfy yourself that you’ve got it right.

Step 7 – The GOLDEN rule

Enjoy the process. It’s the first step on a journey you’ll make for the rest of your life.

Embark upon it with joy!




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