Protect your jewellery. Get it professionally valued.

Losing or damaging your precious jewellery is upsetting. When its uninsured that upset is even harder to bear. To avoid the distress, you need to get your jewellery insured and this requires a valuation.

A professional valuation will ensure you aren’t left disappointed and get the correct sum when you make a claim. That’s where our NAJ registered valuer can help.

Trusted valuations

The National Institute of Jewellers (NAJ) is the UK’s leading jewellery trade association, a part of which is the Institute of Registered Valuers.

Our Wharton Goldsmith’s valuer is an Institute Registered Valuer (IRV). All IRVs have undergone formal qualifications, accrued considerable industry experience and have proven their expertise to their peers.

All of this means that you can trust our valuer to generate an accurate, reliable valuation of your jewellery.

Why get a valuation now?

As finite resources, the costs of raw materials used in fine jewellery particularly gold, platinum and diamonds, continue to steadily rise. Recent years have even seen dramatic increases due to political decisions and economic downturns — in times of uncertainty people turn to long-held staples for financial security, namely precious metals and stones and this sends their prices soaring.

Diamonds in particular have increased in value as the De Beers Diamond Trading Company, which markets the majority of the world’s diamonds, has responded to massive new demand from Asia by increasing the prices of rough diamonds year on year.

What does this mean for you?

If your precious jewellery has not been valued in the last 5 years you could be underinsured by as much as 50%.

We recommend getting a professional valuation at least every 2 years to avoid the heartache of being told by your insurer that they will not pay ‘like for like’ in the event of burglary or loss of your jewellery.


How does our valuation process work?

You drop off your jewellery for valuation, either the day before your valuation or the morning of it.

We store your jewellery securely in our safe, where it will remain until valuation and will be fully covered by our insurance.

On completion of your valuation, your jewellery is returned to our safe until you come to collect it, either on that same day or later.

When you come to collect your jewellery, we take payment for your valuation.

A few days later, we will send you your valuation report in the post, which includes photographs of your jewellery.

Valuation Charges


First item £100, every other £65 each.

Any item over £1000 will be charged a flat fee of £215.

Any highly complex item which may involve additional research will need to be quoted before undertaking. Laboratory fees will be an additional charge if required.

For Probate: On occasion similar simple items may be grouped and charged as one at the valuers discretion, for example three plain polished wedding rings, or two plain polished chains.

Give yourself peace of mind
call to book your professional valuation on 01727 859 489.




"I have received excellent customer service from Wharton Goldsmith after having three pieces of jewellery commissioned. My ideas for a ring, earrings and pendant designs were extremely well interpreted. All valuations were received in a timely manner and I would recommend Wharton to friends and colleagues."

Mrs. Karen Lewis


"I was so pleased when Wharton goldsmith said they could replicate my wedding ring from silver to platinum.
Wharton's service was so professional. They are so polite and very patient.

My platinum wedding ring is spectacular and very, very well made. I am so pleased I chose Whartons."

Mr. Manuel Gomez


"I was recommended Wharton Goldsmith through a good friend who has used them multiple times over the years. I would not hesitate to do the same. I designed an engagement ring from scratch with Sam’s help, the service was outstanding from day 1 and the ring was perfect! We then got 2 wedding rings made, again extremely pleased! The entire process was flawless and I couldn’t be happier! I look forward to using them in the future! Highly recommend!"

Mr. Tom Bristow


"Professional and friendly service and outstanding workmanship. You get what you pay for."

Sam Carr


"The staff are very helpful and the jewellery is well crafted. I am very pleased with the service and my jewellery."

Mrs. S Leeming


"Wharton Goldsmith are an excellent family business. I have bought many items from them over the years and had several bespoke pieces made. On every occasion I have been delighted with both the quality of the workmanship and the service I received."



"Excellent. Went in to have my wedding ring checked as diamond was loose. Friendly and helpful, lovely repair and clean...and a new box! A reasonable charge as well.

I completely adore my Christopher Wharton rings, I have an engagement and diamond wedding band. Perfect. Thank you x"



"We have used Wharton three times recently for repairs and resizing of rings. Each time the service has been impeccable and the standard of repair faultless. The shop staff are very patient and very knowledgeable, explaining the pros and cons of different options, and the prices have been reasonable. The workshop staff produce a faultless product, on one occasion meeting a tight time request."

Mr. R Bolt


"I can wholeheartedly recommend Whartons for extra personal customer service, extensive product knowledge and care with a wonderful on-site workshop."

Mrs. Sacha Cole


"It is always a pleasure to deal with Wharton Goldsmith. The staff are very welcoming, always professional and the quality of their work outstanding. I have had jewellery made, purchased jewellery, had rings sized and items valued. On each occasion I have been extremely happy with the service and quality of work received."

Mrs. N Johnstone